Yarn bomb with Red Heart yarn


When I saw this little ad for a fiber artist needed to make a fence look pretty, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I knew what a yarn bomb was. I always wanted to do it, but my fear of breaking laws really held me back from ever trying. I am so grateful I didn’t let my shyness in the fiber world get the better of me. I have never called myseld a Fiber artist but I can proudly say that I am thanks to this opportunity.

Designing something to cover a 200 foot rusty chain link fence was the hardest part. Wanting it to be light and bright I came up with a garden scene. The NEON Fiber Garden is our pieces official name. NEON is for the NEON art district of Norfolk as well as the bright colors we are trying to represent. We need the yarn to POP!

Thanks  to we will be able to add some amazing greens. Red heart supplied us with a box of greens. The picture above is what I plan to use the fashion soft skeins for. This yarn worked up quick. I double stranded it and used an 8mm hook. It was so smooth that it took me minutes to complete the stem. Which will be fantastic because we need hundreds of stems. They sent us so many more options to play with. I will post pics as I complete them.

Working with a group of amazing women, men, and even some middle school boys has given me a sense of pride in my artform. We all love making things and we want to share them. I can’t wait to start putting our garden up for people to enjoy. This project will be complete (fingers crossed) by October 1st. I will be posting as each section goes up. If you would like to be a part of our project feel free to contact me at